emnify joins MVNO Europe

Brussels, April 18th – MVNO Europe is pleased to welcome emnify as its newest member. emnify operates a global network for IoT connectivity, enabling devices to connect to over 540 cellular networks in more than 180 countries. emnify's IoT Supernetwork is the largest...

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MVNO Europe priorities for 2023

Brussels, 16 January 2022 - MVNO Europe welcomes 2023 with a set of priorities leading its work programme for the new year. The fair share debate, emergency communications, Roaming and BEREC work are on our agenda with the overall goal to promote innovation and fair...

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MVNO Europe response to the Ukrainian crisis

Brussels, 29 March 2022 – MVNO Europe members are taking actions to support Ukrainian people including Ukrainian refugees in the EU by facilitating mobile communication from/to Ukraine.  In reaction to the extremely unfortunate and regrettable events happening in...

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