What we stand for?

  • Successful in differentiating themselves from bigger players that possess mobile networks
  • Leaders in Internet of Things (IoT) markets including automotive, end-user devices and industrial IoT
  • First-mover in unlimited 4G data offers (both mobile and fixed wireless)
  • Precursors of e-payment & telecommunications integration
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  • Challenging the status quo on markets that have historically been oligopolistic
  • Effective remedy to market concentration (i.e. mergers) which can negatively affect telecom end-users
  • Offer best value deals with tangible benefits for consumers in terms of lower prices
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  • Excel in customer satisfaction surveys
  • Smoothly adapt to clients’ ever-changing needs thanks to their flexible structure
  • Design tailored solutions for consumers and businesses that are not well-served by traditional operators (e.g. young and elderly people or SMEs)
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  • 5G will in turn enable MVNOs to develop high-quality connectivity platforms (e.g. for connected cars)
  • The money paid by MVNOs to gain access to the network can be re-invested by MNOs in state-of-the-art broadband infrastructure and in the digital development of challenge areas, where mobile connectivity is limited or non-existent
  • Selling wholesale access to MVNOs is a way for MNOs to offset costs and bring about economies of scale for better network utilisation
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