Brussels, 2 April 2019 – MVNO Europe welcomes the addition of Welcome Italia. Active on both the fixed and mobile markets, Welcome Italia positions itself as one of the best Italian telecommunications service providers for business customers.  

MVNO Europe is delighted to expand its membership with the addition of Welcome Italia – an operator focused on providing best-in-class services to business customers. Operating on the fixed market since 1999, Welcome Italia launched its mobile services in April 2018 under the name Vianova Mobile. With this move, Welcome Italia aims to integrate and maximize the potential of fixed-line and mobile networks, Wi-Fi, Private Branch Exchange and smartphones. As with many other MVNOs, Welcome Italia is designed to quickly and smoothly adapt to its clients’ ever-changing needs.

MVNO Europe looks forward to helping Welcome Italia further develop its MVNO activities. Together MVNO Europe and Welcome Italia will seek to progress towards fair and non-discriminatory network access conditions for MVNOs – regardless of the technology – in Italy and other EU countries. In parallel, with Welcome Italia among its members, MVNO Europe will keep fighting for the reduction of regulated wholesale roaming charges in the EU in order to enable MVNOs to increase competition on European markets and thereby benefit end-users.

Jacques Bonifay, chairman of MVNO Europe, warmly welcomed the new member “who will help the association to achieve a vibrantly competitive market, which remains the best tool to promote innovation, cross-border solutions and take-up of services by users.”.