Brussels – We’re pleased to announce that Lithuania’s leading Mobile Virtual Network Operator (MVNO) has joined MVNO Europe. Teledema was founded in 2003 and unites people across Lithuania, who can enjoy exceptional attention and great network quality.

Lithuania’s small telecom market is among one of the most developed in Europe. Teledema’s success shows that guaranteeing MVNO access to the market is an appropriate way to maintain a strong level of competition while bringing more innovation on the market.

Driven by a sustainable business growth, Teledema has successfully established itself as the reference MVNO on the Lithuanian market by creating accessible and superior quality offers for users. Along with mobile network, they create SIP telephony solutions designed for business.

Jacques Bonifay, chairman of MVNO Europe, said: “I am delighted to welcome Teledema as new member. Having now a Baltic State on board reassert the willingness of MVNO Europe to be a strong voice for MVNOs and be fully representative of the European landscape”.

Innocenzo Genna, Vice-President, said: “Welcome to Teledema! We are looking forward to working together and pursue our common objective to create a more openly accessible market for all MVNOs.”