Brussels, 27 January 2020 – MVNO Europe is kicking off the new year and decade with a revitalised board to tackle all the challenges the MVNO sector faces head-on.

MVNO Europe has started the new year and European legislative term with a newly elected board. Drawing on the work completed during the last couple of years, Jacques Bonifay (Transatel) has been re-elected as President of the association. His extensive experience within the telecom sector and the continuous engagement of his company in the Internet of Things (IoT) sector will enable him to accurately and ambitiously represent the interests of MVNOs active in European markets. Furthermore, Innocenzo Genna (CoopVoce) has also been re-elected as Vice-President, and thanks to his voluminous know-how and understanding of the sector, will make sure that the association remains a dependable source of information for policymakers and other relevant stakeholders. The Board will also be joined by two new Vice-Presidents, Thibaud Furette (Euro-Information Telecom) and James Luce (Voiceworks). Both will look after bringing new ideas and insights to the Board and the association as a whole.

2020 will be a year of great importance for the telecom industry. The development and roll-out of 5G will undoubtedly transform the sector, affecting all players in the telecom world. MVNOs will aim to get access to those technologies so as to keep developing innovative applications tailored to the needs of end-users. In this context, it will be essential for the EU to further improve the Roaming Regulation so that consumers can continue benefiting from free roaming and the purposes of pan-European connectivity for machine-to-machine/Internet of Things are served. While it will do its best to contribute to the aforementioned goals, MVNO Europe will also work on many other subjects – including the interoperability of services – in order to enable European consumers and business to take utmost advantage of the Digital Single Market.