Brussels, 29 March 2022 – MVNO Europe members are taking actions to support Ukrainian people including Ukrainian refugees in the EU by facilitating mobile communication from/to Ukraine. 

In reaction to the extremely unfortunate and regrettable events happening in Ukraine, MVNO Europe would like to express its solidarity with the victims suffering this war. Our members are taking voluntary initiatives to provide support for the Ukrainian people, including Ukrainian refugees in the EU. The list below represents a snapshot of our members’ voluntary initiatives as of 29 March 2022.  

The agreements between MVNOs and their Host MNOs, as they stand, do not enable MVNOs to provide services to any inbound mobile roamers, be they EU or non-EU inbound mobile roamers. This explains why no initiatives on inbound mobile roaming are presented in the list below. 

MVNO Europe is also actively collaborating with the European Institutions to ensure that the support provided to Ukrainian people is adapted and sustainable.

Operators    Type of measure   
Enreach (multi-country)  Free calls to Ukraine 

Free roaming in Ukraine  

HoT, subsidiary of Ventocom (Austria)  Free calls / SMS to Ukraine  
Postepay (Italy)  Free calls / SMS to Ukraine   
Sipgate (Germany)  Free calls to Ukraine 

Donations to humanitarian organizations active in Ukraine as well as active in countries that gave shelter to Ukrainians that fled from their country 

Teledema   Free calls / SMS from Lithuania to Ukraine 
Transatel (multi-country)  10 000 eSIM profiles with 2GB of EU data for Ukranian refugees under the Ubigi brand 

Mobile hotspots given to NGOs 

Other initiatives to follow 

VOO (Belgium)  Free calls / SMS to Ukraine 

Mobile phones and subscriptions for free to refugees being in Belgium