people_in_middle_nowhereToday marks the launch of MVNO Europe, an association representing all Mobile Virtual Network Operators (MVNOs) active on European markets. MVNO Europe is the evolution of the former EAFM (European Association of Full-MVNOs) and has been set the task of creating a telecoms regulatory environment where these crucial stimulators of innovation and competition can thrive.

MVNO Europe is adapting to the evolving telecom landscape in Europe with the development of cross-border services, phasing out of roaming charges and trends towards consolidation. All such expected market developments require a forward-looking approach to guarantee an innovative, investment-friendly and fair playing field. MVNOs, whilst having a variety of technical and commercial arrangements, face the same challenges when it comes to regulatory policies, including mergers control, wholesale tariffs, fixed-mobile convergence, termination, spectrum allocation and, in general, competition in European telecoms markets.

The overarching objective of MVNO Europe is to create a sound legal and regulatory framework that ensures fair access conditions in the wholesale mobile market and fair competition on the retail mobile market, to the benefit of consumers and businesses. MVNO Europe seeks to mobilise the interests of Europe’s powerful MVNO community around a nucleus of shared policy priorities.

Equipped with a strong mandate and expertise, the association will advocate for the creation of a single European market for telecoms and digital services, fair spectrum allocation, and a pro-competitive regulatory approach at European level. Founding members of the Association include MVNOs from Italy, France, Greece, Belgium, the Netherlands, and Germany.

Speaking at the launch of the new association, Jacques Bonifay, Chair of MVNO Europe and CEO of Transatel, noted that “we are currently experiencing a wave of consolidation of traditional telecom operators in Europe. The positive impact this may have on network efficiency and investment must not be offset by harming access for MVNOs across Europe. Indeed, it is essential to ensure the continuous emergence of innovative services that MVNOs offer. By embracing the 4G and, soon, 5G revolutions. MVNOs, as small agile players, are the best trigger for telecoms innovation in Europe. By creating an association for the whole spectrum of MVNOs, we will strengthen our voice and adapt to the evolving market reality, while holding to our commitment towards the European institutions as a reliable partner.