Brussels – MVNO Europe looks forward to the new and old challenges the new year will bring to us. To meet those challenges, a revamped board has been (re-)elected that combines the best elements of both old and new.

Jacques Bonifay (Transatel) and Innocenzo Genna (CoopVoce) have been re-elected as President and Vice-President respectively to provide hard earned experience and ensure continuity within the association, allowing it to build on the work done in the previous years. Federico Poggi (Fastweb) and Lukas Jankauskas (Teledema) have been elected as new Vice-Presidents, inducing an exciting new vibe in the association and expanding its representativeness throughout Europe. “The association will seek to expand even further to strengthen its unique position as unified voice of all European MVNOs”, says Lukas Jankauskas.

The year 2018 will be of major importance for MVNOs. The EECC (European Electronic Communications Code) will be finalized and its provisions are crucial for guaranteeing fair market access conditions for MVNOs. “Fair access conditions to all EU markets is the only way to ensure a competitive balance between all operators throughout the European Union, for the benefit of innovation and consumer welfare”, says Innocenzo Genna. “Even more so, it would provide (new) European players with the opportunity to become genuine world leaders, extending their business even beyond EU borders”, says Jacques Bonifay, “especially since more and more MVNOs are developing in the IoT (Internet of Things) space, which creates new business perspectives”. Federico Poggi concludes that “2018 will also be the year in which the first 5G global standards emerge, the first step towards concrete 5G developments. MVNO Europe will continue to stress the vital role that MVNOs will have in future 5G markets”.