Brussels, 07 January – MVNO Europe starts the new year with the addition of freenet Group. As the mother company of three MVNOs in Germany – namely mobilcom-debitel, callmobile and klarmobil – representing 12 million subscribers, the freenet Group offers a wide array of services on mobile and TV markets.

MVNO Europe is delighted to welcome its first German member. The freenet Group, operating online, via 570 own shops and several thousand distribution outlets throughout Germany, offers high-quality post-paid contracts and pre-paid offers for mobile communications. The freenet Group also provides state-of-the-art digital IPTV entertainment and terrestrial TV services. In parallel, the freenet Group develops innovative digital applications that relate to home automation and security, energy, data security, and infotainment.

In view of the wholesale agreements the freenet Group has with the three German MNOs, its well-established presence on the German market (i.e. around 12 million mobile subscribers) as well as the regular exchanges it has with the authorities like Bundesnetzagentur and Bundeskartellamt, MVNO Europe believes that the new member will help the association make progress towards fair and non-discriminatory network access conditions – regardless the technology – in Germany. The new member will also bolster MVNO Europe’s efforts to make wholesale roaming prices reduced in a way that truly benefits consumers and businesses within the EU.

Jacques Bonifay, chairman of MVNO Europe, expressed his satisfaction “to have a member with prominent presence in the biggest European country and that will allow MVNO Europe to make its voice heard more legitimately on  crucial innovation and competition issues”.