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Ventocom joins MVNO Europe

Ventocom joins MVNO Europe

Posted by on Jun 2, 2016 in Uncategorized |

Brussels – We’re pleased to announce that Austria’s leading Mobile Virtual Network Enabler (MVNE) has joined MVNO Europe. Ventocom was founded in 2013 and allows vendors from outside the industry to access the mobile market in an effective and comprehensible way.


The Austrian market is, since 2014, one of the few in Europe that experienced a reduction from four to three Mobile Network Operators (MNO). Ventocom success shows that guaranteeing MVNO access to the market is an appropriate way to maintain a strong level of competition while bringing more innovation on the market.

Ventocom has successfully established itself as the reference MVNE on the Austrian market. Partnering with the insurance giant Allianz and retailer Hofer, it has launched two rapidly growing mobile brands, Allianz SIM and Hofer Telekom. These brands hold, one year after launch, approximately 4% of the Austrian market share.

Michael Krammer, CEO and founder of Ventocom, stated: “We’re delighted to join MVNO Europe and collaborate with our counterparts in Europe. As we’ve done in Austria, we want to work at EU level towards a consumer-friendly, competitive and innovative market”.

Jacques Bonifay, chairman of MVNO Europe, said: “It is a pleasure for us to welcome Ventocom. Their success in Austria in a peculiar market context is inspiring to all of us and I am sure their support will only strengthen our voice as representatives of European mobile virtual operators”.



About MVNO Europe

MVNO Europe (previously European Association of Full-MVNOs) was created in 2012 to represent the interests of companies which are active on European mobile markets and are independent from established mobile network operators. Members includes Cubic Telecom, Cyta Hellas, Euro Information Telecom, Fastweb, Liberty Global, PosteMobile, Sierra Wireless, Sky, Transatel, Ventocom and Voiceworks.  Further information about the association is available on  or at +32 (0) 2 550 41 10 /


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Competitive operators call for an effective end of roaming charges

Competitive operators call for an effective end of roaming charges

Posted by on May 3, 2016 in Uncategorized |

A coalition of progressive mobile network operators (MNOs) and virtual operators (MVNOs) welcome the significant cut in the fees users pay when roaming in Europe from 30 April 2016, as a first step towards the total abolition of retail roaming surcharges.

However, a great deal of work still needs to be done by the European Commission, European Parliament and Council to deliver on the political promise to achieve roam-like-at-home across Europe by 15 June 2017. In this context, we call for a strong reduction of the current levels of the regulated wholesale roaming caps to allow all operators to compete on the market.

Roaming coalition: covers more than 70 million SIM cards across Europe and represents pro-competitive MNOs such as Free, H3G, RCS&RDS and Play, MVNO Europe members (including Cubic Telecom, Cyta Hellas, Euro Information Telecoms, Fastweb, Liberty Global (incl. VirginMedia UK and IE), PosteMobile, Sierra Wireless, Sky, Transatel, Ventocom and Voiceworks), and other MVNOs CoopVoce and TalkTalk.

The effective introduction of roam-like-at-home in Europe depends on a review, by the European Commission, of the wholesale roaming market. Such a review is crucial to allow all operators to fairly compete with each other and for smaller players to continue to offer price-competitive, innovative offers to European consumers and businesses. The European Commission needs to come up with a legislative proposal by 15 June 2016, at the latest, to review the wholesale roaming market to allow sufficient time for the legislative process with the European Parliament and Council to be completed for the 15 June 2017 deadline.

As European wholesale international roaming charges are currently unjustifiably higher than domestic wholesale prices, the review should radically reduce the levels of the current regulated wholesale roaming caps set in the 2012 Roaming Regulation (the maximum prices an operator has to pay to the visited network operator when its users are roaming abroad). Without any further steep reduction of the regulated wholesale caps, a large number of mobile operators may decide or be forced to impose restrictions to users when roaming abroad through complex and unfriendly contractual clauses. This would be a disappointing outcome for European users, and it should be avoided at all costs. It would also go against the European Parliament’s repeated calls to end roaming surcharges once and for all.

Coalition members are committed to pursue their efforts to enable the full abolition of mobile roaming surcharges in Europe and bring more innovative services to European users in a healthy telecoms market.


Morgane Taylor / / +32 (0) 2 550 41 10

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Cubic Telecom joins MVNO Europe

Cubic Telecom joins MVNO Europe

Posted by on Nov 11, 2015 in Uncategorized |


Brussels – MVNO Europe is happy to announce that Cubic Telecom recently joined the association. Cubic Telecom is a global platform offering flexible mobility solutions that power connectivity for leading Internet of things (IoT), Machine-to-Machine (M2M) and mobile devices companies across the globe.  Cubic Telecoms’ unique business model reflects the innovative and dynamic European MVNO landscape. This latest addition to the association will only strengthen the voice of MVNOs with European regulators and industry stakeholders.

Cubic Telecom provides connectivity in over 100 countries, the most robust network, device and retail partnerships worldwide and flexible over-the-air (OTA) device management. The company offers global scalability with local connectivity anytime, anywhere. Based in Dublin, Ireland, Cubic Telecom’s partners and customers include some of the world’s leading tablet and notebook manufacturers, retailers, as well as M2M and automotive companies. The company was founded in 2006 and is privately held with over $37 million in funding by Audi, Qualcomm and Sierra Wireless, among others.

In November 2015, Cubic launched the largest independent LTE platform in Europe for M2M and connected car applications. The Cubic platform is directly connected to tier 1 network partners which will deliver robust and competitive connectivity for drivers of major connected car brands across Europe wherever the road takes them. Users connected to the network will have seamless connectivity to their infotainment services and can also purchase regional or Europe-wide data plans to give them 24-7 access to Wi-Fi connectivity, personal apps and more, right from their cars.

This new member will enable MVNO Europe to continue promoting the key role of MVNOs on the European telecom market.  Cubic Telecom brilliantly illustrates the agility of smaller operators in terms first-movers in innovative offers to European consumers – serving the development of a healthy Single Telecoms Market.

Welcoming the news, Jacques Bonifay, chairman of MVNO Europe stated: “We’re particularly glad to welcome Cubic Telecom in this key period for regulations affecting all consumers and businesses using telecom services in Europe. We are confident that Cubic’s expertise in M2M and roaming solutions will help us lead the way for a true pro-competitive Single Telecoms Market in Europe.

For more information visit and

Note to editors: MVNO Europe (previously European Association of Full-MVNOs) was created in 2012 to represent the interests of companies which are active on European mobile markets and are independent from established mobile network operators. Members includes Cubic Telecom, Cyta Hellas, EI Telecom (NRJ Mobile), Liberty Global/Virgin Mobile, PosteMobile, Telenet, Transatel and Voiceworks.  For more information, please contact the Secretariat at +32 (0) 2 550 41 10 /

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European MVNOs launch new association to promote pro-competition EU regulations

European MVNOs launch new association to promote pro-competition EU regulations

Posted by on Jul 16, 2015 in Uncategorized |

people_in_middle_nowhereToday marks the launch of MVNO Europe, an association representing all Mobile Virtual Network Operators (MVNOs) active on European markets. MVNO Europe is the evolution of the former EAFM (European Association of Full-MVNOs) and has been set the task of creating a telecoms regulatory environment where these crucial stimulators of innovation and competition can thrive.

MVNO Europe is adapting to the evolving telecom landscape in Europe with the development of cross-border services, phasing out of roaming charges and trends towards consolidation. All such expected market developments require a forward-looking approach to guarantee an innovative, investment-friendly and fair playing field. MVNOs, whilst having a variety of technical and commercial arrangements, face the same challenges when it comes to regulatory policies, including mergers control, wholesale tariffs, fixed-mobile convergence, termination, spectrum allocation and, in general, competition in European telecoms markets.

The overarching objective of MVNO Europe is to create a sound legal and regulatory framework that ensures fair access conditions in the wholesale mobile market and fair competition on the retail mobile market, to the benefit of consumers and businesses. MVNO Europe seeks to mobilise the interests of Europe’s powerful MVNO community around a nucleus of shared policy priorities.

Equipped with a strong mandate and expertise, the association will advocate for the creation of a single European market for telecoms and digital services, fair spectrum allocation, and a pro-competitive regulatory approach at European level. Founding members of the Association include MVNOs from Italy, France, Greece, Belgium, the Netherlands, and Germany.

Speaking at the launch of the new association, Jacques Bonifay, Chair of MVNO Europe and CEO of Transatel, noted that “we are currently experiencing a wave of consolidation of traditional telecom operators in Europe. The positive impact this may have on network efficiency and investment must not be offset by harming access for MVNOs across Europe. Indeed, it is essential to ensure the continuous emergence of innovative services that MVNOs offer. By embracing the 4G and, soon, 5G revolutions. MVNOs, as small agile players, are the best trigger for telecoms innovation in Europe. By creating an association for the whole spectrum of MVNOs, we will strengthen our voice and adapt to the evolving market reality, while holding to our commitment towards the European institutions as a reliable partner.

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Telecoms Single Market vote in Parliament: the way forward for a connected Continent

Telecoms Single Market vote in Parliament: the way forward for a connected Continent

Posted by on Jul 15, 2015 in Uncategorized |

AML-voteThe European Parliament’s Industry committee endorsed today the Telecoms Single Market compromise, previously reached in negotiations with Member States, by 50 votes to 12 and 1 abstention,  paving the way for a final adoption in plenary.

The deal enshrines the end of retail roaming surcharges as of 1st July 2017, with a first price decrease in April 2016. The revision of wholesale market caps is confirmed as being a prerequisite, a point MVNO Europe believes fundamental to ensure a functioning and open telecommunication market in Europe. It appears however that these caps will not be reduced before the beginning of the transitory period in April 2016, thus harming effective competition.

MVNO Europe welcomes the fact that other key issues related to roaming are addressed by the legislation, including a forthcoming revision of the Mobile Termination Rates system, which lack of harmonisation is detrimental to a competitive European telecom framework.

Another central element of the regulation are fresh, common rules on net neutrality, clearly protecting the principle while making it possible for operators to innovate through “specialised services” without hampering internet speed.

The Parliament’s plenary will vote on the text at the end of September, in parallel with a Council vote on the text by Telecoms ministers. The Commission will also start working on concrete implementation measures, in particular the definition of “fair use” policy for roaming communications.

MVNO Europe is looking forward to work with the institutions on connected continent rules fostering competition and innovative offers at European level, for the benefit of consumers and businesses.

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