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Fastweb joins MVNO Europe

Fastweb joins MVNO Europe

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Brussels – We are glad to announce that Fastweb joined our association this week. Fastweb is the largest alternative fixed-line telecommunications provider in Italy, offering ultra-fast fibre optic-based broadband, and is the country’s second biggest mobile virtual network operator (MVNO). Fastweb’s membership adds a new innovative and growing player to MVNO Europe, which will help us support fair competition and market access for the European Single Telecom Market.

Fastweb has been the first telecommunications provider in the world to build a next-generation full-IP network and the first company to offer all market segments its voice and data services and a series of value-added applications, leveraging on its infrastructure. In line with its history, Fastweb has decided to further extend its fibre optic infrastructure and, as of 2016, will reach 30% of the Italian population with its ultra-fast broadband.

Offering converging communications services is a core aspect of Fastweb’s strategy. Since it has signed a MVNO agreement with 3 Italia, the company is developing its own mobile offer and services, and has become the second biggest MVNO in Italy. Fastweb sustains a data-focused mobile strategy, supporting Italy as one of the first country in the world for smartphone usage: its mobile plans all include 5GB of mobile data, enabling all consumers to make the most of their devices.

On top of its mobile network access, Fastweb provides its customers with thousands of WiFi hotspots over the country, having launched a unique community WiFi solution in Italy, leveraging on its powerful broadband network. WOWFi is already active in 19 cities in Italy and is growing, contributing to Fastweb’s continuous growth in revenues and customers in 2015.

Jacques Bonifay, chairman of MVNO Europe, said: “It is a pleasure for us to welcome Fastweb, a company that demonstrates the relevance of the MVNO model in the Quad-Play age, offering an all-in connectivity solution with its cutting-edge fibre technology. We have been quickly growing this year, supporting our work to achieve a truly competitive Single Telecom Market in Europe, for the benefit of consumers and businesses”.

About MVNO Europe

MVNO Europe (previously European Association of Full-MVNOs) was created in 2012 to represent the interests of mobile virtual network operators active on European markets and which are independent from established mobile network operators. Members includes Cubic Telecom, Cyta Hellas, EI Telecom, Fastweb, Liberty Global, PosteMobile, Telenet, Transatel and Voiceworks.

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MVNO Europe is committed to the effective end of roaming charges

MVNO Europe is committed to the effective end of roaming charges

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European Parliament

Today, the European Parliament plenary ratified the political agreement to abolish retail roaming charges by June 2017. MVNO Europe, representing innovative virtual mobile operators in Europe, welcomes this vote but will remain very attentive to the revision of the wholesale market included in the text, as we believe is a pre-condition to an effective roaming-free Europe.

After more than two years of intense negotiations, the EU institutions finally agreed to the end of retail mobile roaming surcharges in the European Union by 15 June 2017. Until this date, a transitional regime will be put in place on the 30th of April 2016 allowing operators to apply a surcharge capped at €0.05 per minute, €0.02 per SMS and data use at €0.05 per megabyte.

However, the battle isn’t over yet. The foreseen end of roaming is dependent on the completion of a review, by the European Commission, of the regulated wholesale roaming market (the price operators pay each other to use their respective networks). Without any further reduction of wholesale regulated roaming prices, in particular for data, MVNOs – but also smaller MNO operators – will have to pay overpriced wholesale roaming charges to visited mobile operators in order to offer roaming services to their consumers in Europe, thus making it impossible for them to remain competitive on their domestic markets. Due to a structural absence of bargaining power, MVNOs are usually required to pay maximum rates when striking deals with MNOs on providing roaming access to their customers. Yet, smaller and more agile players such as MVNOs have been always more competitive in terms of prices as well as first-movers in innovative offers to European consumers (e.g.: multi-numbers SIMs, niche markets or fixed/mobile integrated offers, IoT/M2M, sophisticated m-payment solutions based on NFC, multiple sourcing strategies).

In the absence of a significant reduction of wholesale caps reflecting genuine costs of international roaming, mobile operators will be induced or even forced to impose restrictions, also through complex and unfriendly contractual clauses, to end-users when roaming abroad. This will be an unexpected and disappointing outcome of the present regulation, which would undermine the credibility of the efforts carried out by institutions and industry up to now.

Jacques Bonifay, Chair of MVNO Europe said that “MVNOs are crucial for competition and innovation, adding real value on the telecoms market and to end-users. With excessive wholesale roaming charges, dominant mobile operators will be the only one to drive the market, pushing MVNOs out.” and added “reducing wholesale caps is a simple measure that works” at the last BEREC stakeholders forum held in Brussels on October 15th.

The European Commission, with the support of BEREC, is to conduct this review by June 2016, which will still need to be agreed on by all parties. Negotiations could take more time than expected and postpone the real end of roaming. Additionally, during the transitional period, MVNOs risk margin squeeze and therefore urge for the review to be done as soon as possible. MVNO Europe will remain vigilant in this process in order to make sure that the revision will not distort the market in favour of the largest mobile operators and lead to the exclusion of dynamic smaller players.

About us

MVNO Europe was created in 2012 to represent the interests of Mobile Virtual Network Operators (MVNOs) which are active on European mobile markets, and have negotiated wholesale access to the networks of host Mobile Network Operators (MNOs). The goal of MVNO Europe is to create a more openly accessible market for all MVNOs, in order to contribute to the growth of the fast-moving mobile industry. MVNO Europe represents companies such as Cyta Hellas (Greece), EI Telecom (NRJ Mobile – France), Liberty Global (incl. ao. VirginMedia UK), PosteMobile (Italy), Telenet (Belgium), Transatel (multiple EU and non-EU countries), and Voiceworks (Netherlands and Germany).

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Morgane Taylor,

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MVNO Europe endorses the MVNO Networking Congress – London 2-4 November

MVNO Europe endorses the MVNO Networking Congress – London 2-4 November

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Industry stakeholders are meeting in London on 2-4 November 2015 for the 12th MVNOs Networking Congress around the theme “Delivering launch and growth strategies to the vibrant European MVNO market“.

Several MVNO Europe members, as well as our Chair Jacques Bonifay, will attend and speak at the event. In particular, Jacques will participate to the panel discussion on  “Regulatory framework for the activity of MVNOs in Europe”. As we regularly report, our association is acting at the heart of regulatory developments in Europe affecting MVNOs, for the benefit of competition, innovation, and ultimately end-users. We are therefore very much looking forward to this opportunity to communicate on what we’ve delivered for the whole industry and our members. In an other panel, Fabrizio Virtuani, CEO of PosteMobile, will speak on the company’s success story and key innovations

Our members, our Chair and the Secretariat will be pleased to meet all interested stakeholders at the Congress. We’re looking forward to this exciting opportunity!

Get the programme here, find more about Chair Jacques Bonifay on the Speakers page, and do not hesitate to contact us for more information at .

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“MVNOs’ nature is to innovate and differentiate” – Statement by MVNO Europe Chair at BEREC Stakeholders Forum

“MVNOs’ nature is to innovate and differentiate” – Statement by MVNO Europe Chair at BEREC Stakeholders Forum

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ImprimerImplementing the effective end of retail roaming charges under fair market conditions

On the 15th of October 2015, MVNO Europe Chair Jacques Bonifay and CEO of Transatel was invited to speak at the BEREC Stakeholders Forum. Commenting on the draft 2016 BEREC work programme, J. Bonifay stressed the ability of MVNOs, as agile players, to innovate quickly, adding real value on the telecoms market and for European end-users. He also insisted on MVNOs’ preparedness to implement the end of retail roaming charges in Europe, which has been the association’s position from the early beginning of the discussions on the Single Telecoms Market regulation.

However, the end of roaming can only be achieved if it is accompanied by a real review of wholesale roaming caps as currently regulated. “Reducing wholesale caps is a simple measure that works” to enable MVNO entry and mobile competition in general, he said. Indeed, due to a structural absence of bargaining power, MVNOs are usually required to pay maximum rates when striking deals with MNOs on providing roaming access to their customers. In order to avoid restrictions and complex clauses for end-users and to ensure fair market conditions for all players, wholesale caps need to be reduced substantially so as to better reflect the actual cost of international roaming.

Machine-to-Machine Communications: regulatory action to enhance MVNO innovation

Jacques Bonifay also had the opportunity to speak on Machine-to-Machine (M2M) and Internet of Things (IoT) communications. MVNOs intend to play a significant role in this sector on account of their capacity to be first-movers in innovative and emerging markets, despite competition constraints. MVNOs are already taking advantage of the existing technical opportunities offered by national regulators and the International Telecommunications Union. MVNO Europe would welcome European Union’s action to ensure the reliability of dedicated M2M numbers: “there is value for a EU number range, attached to a low Mobile Termination Rate, and reachable in a short period of time”, Jacques Bonifay said.

MVNO Europe is actively engaged with BEREC in designing future-proof regulations for the telecoms sector. It is taking part in BEREC consultations and studies on roaming wholesale markets, roaming fair use policy and machine-to-machine communications.

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European MVNOs support the Commission’s pro-competitive approach to telecoms mergers

European MVNOs support the Commission’s pro-competitive approach to telecoms mergers

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Vice President for the Digital Single Market Andrus Ansip and Commissioner for Competition Margrethe Vestager held on 13 October landmark speeches, delivering on the Commission’s pro-competitive vision for the telecom sector.

As the merger in Denmark was halted, and as other consolidation moves loom, they confirmed the Commission’s consumer-centric, pan-European approach to telecom mergers – a healthy competition which “will attract investment”.

Mobile Virtual Network Operators (MVNOs), as key innovators and first-movers in cross-border operations, support this approach and reiterate the positive role multiple MVNOs remedies can play to ensure long-term viability of mergers.

Indeed, if a fourth Mobile Network Operator (MNO) on a specific domestic market can trigger more competitive prices and more innovation, it is not always sufficient to ensure a dynamic market on the long-run. Facilitating multiple MVNO access and, at the same time, guaranteeing fair operating conditions ensures rapid deployment, constant innovation from various players with more possibilities of differentiation, and generates additional wholesale revenues for MNOs. Such remedies therefore benefit consumers and businesses through better prices and higher quality of service.

MVNO Europe works with DG Competition on all mergers in Europe involving mobile operators, sharing MVNOs’ vision for a dynamic and innovative market.

Find more here about Commissioner Vestager and Vice-President Ansip speeches: and

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