The European Commission’s consultation on the coordinated introduction of 5G networks in Europe ended on 11 July. Our contribution aims at recalling the key role of MVNO in ensuring that investments for deploying 5G networks are best translated into actual benefits for the end-users.

It is clear that the considerable investments needed for the deployment of 5G should be incentivised. However, this cannot be done by means of deregulation or regulatory forbearance. Investment requirements do not as such justify forbearance from promoting competition, the internal market, end-user interests, and concomitant wholesale-level regulation (e.g. of national roaming/wholesale MVNO access). A vibrantly competitive market, including MVNOs – who need to be innovative to be able to exist on the market -, is the best guarantee to promote innovation, cross-border solutions and, crucially, take-up of services by users.

We are looking forward to the Commission’s actions aimed at encouraging the deployment of 5G in a healthy and competitive telecom market.

European Commission's vision of 5G

European Commission’s vision of 5G